Uncover The Root Cause And Restore Your Health

Suffering from Hashimoto's, Thyroid Imbalances or Chronic Fatigue with lack luster results from other physicians and confused on what you should do? 

Are you ready to uncover the root cause of your symptoms through proper personalized testing?

 Ready to begin to restore balance in your health with a customized program to fit your needs to RESTORE and REJUVENATE your body and being! 

Dr. Olivia Joseph
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My Passion to Help you was Born Out Of the Pain I went through dealing with this myself...

I too have suffered with fatigue, thyroid imbalances, and other chronic symptoms only to be told my testing was "normal."

Truth is, I was not receiving the right testing. I was told, diet has NOTHING to do with it.

Dr. Olivia has worked with thousands of health clients over the last 15 years using functional testing, nutrition and dietary and lifestyle intervention to help them get the the cause of their health problems, instead of just covering up symptoms or believing they are normal, due to age, or hormones.

 One thing she has heard over and over is, WHY didn’t my doctor tell me this?

 The bottom line, they aren’t trained. Not only has she been using advanced testing methods to identify imbalances, deficiencies and toxicity, but she’s also been training physicians how to implement these practices so that they too can help their patients get well naturally.

She herself suffered with chronic digestive issues for almost 20 years, and was told over and over, everything is normal, and it's a nervous stomach. Once she finally started working with a natural health care provider, years of pain went away in less than 6 months.

This led her to pursue a fulfilling career in natural health care.

Dr. Olivia Health Consulting Program

Our personalized programs pin point your problems and quickly begin creating the restoration and vitality you've been looking for...

Dr. Olivia on TV

Discover how to stop covering up symptoms and get to the root cause.

Apply for a quick start strategy session with Dr. Olivia to determine the first steps to get you the proper testing, start detoxifying your body and re-balance your hormone system in the most natural way.

Dr. Olivia will lead you to answers to uncover imbalances and deficiencies that are ultimately at the root cause of your biggest health concerns. By restoring your health, your body can heal and sustain a new way of being. All health coaching programs are customized and tailored to your individual needs based on testing.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Connect: apply for a virtual health consultation 
  • Step 2: Discover: which tests can uncover the root cause
  • Step 3: Customize: a step by step program will be designed to restore balance and function. 
  • Step 4: Excel: create long term sustainable results

Typical Results:

This is what it's like to finally have answers and experience real results.

Mika R Chronic Fatigue & Digestive Issues

Get in line to see Dr. Olivia Joseph, people. Get in line.

Half my hair was gone, I had 15 lbs that wouldn’t budge, I had low energy and would get physically ill after high-intensity workouts, more headaches than usual, sleep was terrible, and I was having stomach issues on the regular.

If I heard one more time from my PCP that “the tests came back normal” I was going to explode!

Not one doctor in my 30 years of dealing with IBS off and on, and constant bacterial infections as a child, ever helped me deal with the root cause.

Get in line to see Dr. Olivia Joseph, people. Get in line.

Megan S. Hashimoto's

I have never met a more dedicated professional.

I have never met a more dedicated professional.

Dr. Olivia has spent hours working for me on days off for some of my acute health problems. She's the first medical professional I've ever worked with that I felt was actually working for me.

She's ordered so many tests and listens to my concerns.. and for once I feel I'm working with a practitioner who actually knows more than I do!

I can't say enough about her!

Lauren K. Graves/Hashimoto’s

Dr. Olivia Joseph is a Hormone Guru!

She is so passionate and dedicated to finding the root cause of your ailment, and to top it off she is an amazing motivator to help you get your health on track.

I couldn't recommend this practice more highly.