About Dr. Olivia

About Page Quotable: Health is my passion, and your health is my mission 

Dr. Olivia Joseph

A Short Biography

Dr. Olivia Joseph holds a diplomate in clinical nutrition, is board certified in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and holds a bachelors degree in human biology, in addition to her doctorate in chiropractic. She is a passionate, empathetic and clinically focused integrative practitioner. She has had a passion for health care from a very early age inspired by her own chronic digestive issues, which eventually led to elevated thyroid antibodies.

Doctorate in Chiropractic

Fascinated by biochemistry and the function of the human body, Dr. Olivia decided to pursue a doctorate in chiropractic due to its philosophy of getting to the root cause, and allowing the body to heal naturally, instead of just covering up symptoms.

She has been using this philosophy in private practice for over 15 years.

She has been hired by some of the largest nutrition companies in the world to train health care providers on the science and research behind functional nutrition, and how to use it to help improve patient outcomes.  She has also been privately hired by health care providers in a variety of different disciplines to help train them to implement the science of nutrition, diet, and lifestyle into their practices to help their patients get well and improve their outcomes naturally.

Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism

After years of researching Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism, she decided to combine knowledge with her expertise to run the appropriate tests to discover that her chronic digestive issues had led to the root cause of her condition. She herself developed elevated thyroid antibodies, after an infection within the digestive system. She successfully and naturally has seen her thyroid antibodies in remission, and her infections cleared without medication or invasive procedures.

Dr. Olivia Naturals

Dr. Olivia Joseph has launched her own supplement company, Dr. Olivia Naturals, has done health consulting with clients ALL OVER the world, virtually, and is still in private practice for her local community with an amazing support team. Her brick and mortar location is in the suburbs of St. Louis MO is currently one of the largest natural health centers in the Mid-West.

My mission is to connect people to the proper testing, and solutions to​ get the the root cause of their ​​​​​symptoms

Most people are NOT getting the right testing.

People are told they can’t get the right testing, that it’s age, that it’s in their heads and suffer needlessly for decades working harder, and burning their hormone systems out, literally into exhaustion, to literally only feel worse and worse.

Just because your testing is in the NORMAL range, does not mean you are healthy, or that your gut, hormone system, detoxification system or thyroid are functioning properly. 

By being an advocate for your own health, and NOT accepting that it’s in your HEAD, AGE related, or your testing is NORMAL, you CAN get connected to the appropriate testing (without your doctor or insurance) and you can then properly create a dietary and lifestyle intervention protocol based on what YOUR needs are. This has to be CUSTOMIZED to your testing and is NOT a one size fits all approach. I’m begging you, please don’t lose hope. Please don’t give up. Listen to your gut. Continue to search until you find the right answers and develop the right TEAM to help you get well and stay well, naturally.

Lifestyle interventions are often ignored by mainstream medicine.

Interventions such as eliminating infections, addressing nutrient depletions, reducing sensitizing foods and addressing adrenal function can help to improve symptoms, and even reduce or eliminate autoimmunity. The ONLY way to approach your health properly is to test the systems of the body for deficiency, sensitivities, infections, inflammation, autoimmune antibodies, and hormone FUNCTION and BALANCE! It starts with the right TESTING and DETOXIFICATION.


Any recommendations/consultations with respect to nutritional health, diet, supplementation or detoxification is done exclusively for educational and information purposes and is for non-diagnostic purposes and general guidelines only.

The determination to take or withdraw from any medical intervention resides within the legislative authority of physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.

We support the distribution of current research and information relating to all topics and likewise encourage patients and clients to make informed health care decisions having researched and understood all balanced and accurate information to which those decisions pertain. In every case, please consult your medical physician regarding any changes you make to your medical regimen, as doing so without consultation or supervision by a qualified practitioner may be dangerous.