Terms and Conditions

In order to best serve you, the Health Coaching Policy should be reviewed in its entirety.  DrOlivia.com believes that you should be well informed of our expectations and policies as a health coaching organization.  To prevent any confusion or misunderstandings on what to expect, DrOlivia.com requests that you read the information below and sign or initial where indicated.

Agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  • Health Coaching Policy
  • Terms of Acceptance
  • Client Health Information Consent
  • Refund Policy
  • Nutritional Informed Consent
  1. Based on your medical history, questionnaire, and initial consultation, it may be necessary to order lab testing. You will be presented with detailed information on the specific tests recommended.  The investment for your initial laboratory tests will also be discussed at that time.  Payment can be made via credit card. We do not accept insurance for lab testing, because insurance reimbursement requires that a diagnosis be made for the testing. Diagnosing and treating disease is beyond the scope of any DrOlivia.com coaching program. Lab testing information and results is provided for educational purposes only.
  2. The results of your lab tests may take up to three weeks from the time that the sample(s) is received by the laboratory. Once all results have been received, you will be contacted to schedule a Report of Findings Consultation (ROFC). In most cases, the ROFC takes a little bit longer than the standard one-hour consultation. Please prepare for this with your schedule. We also request that your spouse or significant other join you on the call to help support you with any lifestyle changes that you need to make. After the Report of Findings consultation, you will receive an electronic copy of all test results via your email address on file.
  3. In your Functional Health and Report of Findings consultation a coaching plan may be recommended which may include dietary and lifestyle changes as well as Whole Food Supplementation. It is not our goal that our clients take supplements long term, however some people need the extra vitamins and nutrients in the initial stages of coaching to address any deficiencies or imbalances made evident as a result of their lab testing.
  4. All participants in any com coaching program are expected to fully partner with DrOlivia.com in taking personal responsibility for their health. The closer you stay to your recommended coaching plan the faster you will see results and the better the results will be. Consultations can be conducted either by phone or through video conferencing via Zoom.
  5. It is your responsibility to update your contact information including your address, phone number, and email with DrOlivia.com.

Terms of Acceptance


When a client seeks health coaching with DrOlivia.com and we accept the client, it is essential for both of us to be working toward the same objective.  Our Health Coaching Programs have one goal.  It is important for each client to understand both the objective and the methods that will be used to attain it.  This will prevent confusion and/or disappointment.


To locate, analyze and help client’s correct interferences to the cellular structure. Interferences come from cellular toxicities and deficiencies. Although most doctors use lab testing to diagnose and treat specific conditions, this is not your Health Coach’s goal. The sole purpose for lab testing is to locate physiological abnormalities primarily through nutrient deficiencies and toxicities within the body that may be interfering with normal cellular function. Many of these interferences are only made evident through advanced lab testing, which allows our team to have a better understanding of what is happening within each client’s body on the cellular level. Cells are the most foundational aspect of the human body and play an extremely important role in the function of the entire body. Your Health Coach’s goal is to help remove the interferences within the body so that you can function at your maximum health potential. Maximum potential varies from one person to another.

Particularly, we focus on advanced cellular bio nutrition and detoxification. This basically means that our approach to health is to help clients live a lifestyle that provides the cell with the best environment possible so that nutrients can easily get into the cell and so that toxins can easily leave the cell. This includes reducing cellular toxicity and inflammation, which have been linked to some of the most common chronic conditions. It also helps the individual maximize their overall health and wellbeing. Our primary methods consist of lifestyle changes through nutrition, physical activity, psychological strategies as well as supplementation. Our methods have often resulted in weight loss, increased energy, elimination of chronic conditions and symptoms as well as a significant improvement in the client’s health and wellbeing. While these results are typical, each person is different, and we do not and cannot promise or guarantee any specific outcomes as a result of our coaching.


We DO NOT diagnose conditions or disease.

We offer NO treatment of conditions or disease.

We promise NO cure from any condition or disease.

If during your health coaching we encounter any unusual findings, we will so advise you.  If you desire advice, diagnosis or treatment for those findings, we will recommend that you seek the services of a health provider who specializes in that area.  We DO NOT offer advice regarding treatment prescribed by others.  OUR ONLY OBJECTIVE is to eliminate interferences to the cellular structure.

Client Health Information Consent

We want you to know how your Client Health Information (CHI) is going to be used in our coaching program and your right concerning those records.  Before we will begin any health coaching, we require you to read and sign this consent form stating that you understand and agree with how your records will be used.

  1. The client understands and agrees to allow DrOlivia.com to use their CHI for the purpose of payment, health coaching and coordination of services such as lab testing.
  2. The client understands that DrOlivia.com and partnering laboratories transmit health information (such as lab results) electronically via a secure internet connection. DrOlivia.com has taken the necessary precautions to enhance all security; DrOlivia.com cannot be held liable if there is any security breach on the part of the laboratories.
  3. The client has the right to examine and obtain a copy of his or her own health records including test results at any time. The client may request to know what disclosures have been made and submit in writing any further restrictions on the use of their CHI.  com is not obligated to agree with those restrictions.
  4. A client’s written consent need only be obtained one time for all subsequent coaching given to the client.
  5. The client may provide a written request to revoke consent at any time during coaching. This would not affect the use of those records for the coaching given prior to the written request but would apply to any coaching given after the request has been presented.
  6. For your security and right to privacy, we have taken all precautions that we know of to assure that your records are not readily available to those who do not need access to them.
  7. If the client refuses to sign this consent for the purpose of health coaching operations, DrOlivia.com reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the client.

Refund Policy

We want to help you live in your peak state of health for the rest of your life. It is our goal that during our time of partnering together, you are completely satisfied with the results you receive and the services that are rendered. Please review our Refund Policy below to ensure that you understand the terms of partnering with DrOlivia.com.

Consultations and Lab Orders

Due to the value of our time and nature of our business, in that DrOlivia.com is a health service company, lab orders and missed consultations cannot be refunded. We require at least 24-hour notice to reschedule a consultation without forfeiting the initial consultation investment. If a consultation is cancelled or an attempt to reschedule is made with less than 24-hour notice, DrOlivia.com reserves the right not to issue a refund for the missed consultation.  Initial consults that are missed or canceled in less than 24-hours will not be refunded.  If you want to reschedule you will be charged for another consultation.  For any health participants enrolled in our programs a $100 fee will be charged for no shows or cancellations in less than 24-hours.

Health Programs

Health programs will only be refunded if you are unsatisfied with your results upon completion of the program. At that time, your refund will be provided based on the services rendered during the program, not to include any lab orders or supplements that were purchased throughout the program. Refunds will not be given for partially completed or abandoned programs where you have missed one or more consultations. Refunds for health programs also require that you consistently follow through on recommended protocols from each consultation and make every consultation within a program month after month. A “completed program” is defined as a program where you’ve not rescheduled outside of our normal 30-day scheduling cycle, missed one or more consultations and/or not followed through on recommendations made at the end of each consultation throughout your program.


Due to health and safety regulations, supplements can only be refunded. If ordered by a third-party company, then contact that company for potential refund according to their company policies.

Nutritional Informed Consent

According to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended, Section 201 (g) (1), the term “DRUG” is defined to mean:

“Articles intended for use in the Diagnosis, Cure, Mitigation, Treatment or Prevention of disease.”

A vitamin or supplement is not a drug. NEITHER is a Mineral, Trace Element, Amino Acid, Herb, or Homeopathic Remedy.

Although a Vitamin, Supplement, Mineral, Trace Element, Amino Acid, or Herb may have an effect on any disease process or symptoms, it is not to be misrepresented or classified as a drug.


Nutritional coaching, vitamin recommendations and nutritional and supplementation advice is provided solely to upgrade the intake of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids and/or other essential components used in the body’s natural processes. They are also used to supply the body with good nutrition and support the physiological and biochemical processes of the human body.